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I think we went to there……

I started watching 30 Rock when it first aired back in 2006. I never really watched tv before that besides SNL. Then it basically became a part of me. I became grossly obsessed with it and Tina and  just everything about it. I got every season on DVD twice so I could have a set of DVDs in their original packaging and then one set I could watch. I downloaded every season on iTunes and the soundtrack. I got 30 Rock shirts, mugs, and keychains from the NBC store. I watched them film on the streets of New York a few times. (I skipped school for all of those occasions). I EVEN WENT TO QUEENS FOR 30 ROCK. I am in LOVE with it.

When I found out the 7th season was it’s last I literally broke down. I couldn’t function. Like I said it was a sick obsession (still is). A part of me still thinks that every week it will come on my tv. Every Thursday I wait for it to come on and it doesn’t. I’m like a little kid waiting for their estranged father to come home.. ok bad analogy but you get the point. It kills me to think that new episodes of 30 Rock won’t air again. Like Tina says "all good things come to an end" but for me that end came to soon. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without 30 Rock. It has been engraved in me. It IS my life now. To quote Tina once more.. "I think we went to there" Goodbye 30 Rock. I will never forget you :)

Submitted by itsabeautifulfey

i love 30 rock so much i wanna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant

i still can’t believe that i just started watching 30 rock since march 30th, and i don’t know how i survived before. before i used to watch bland disney channel shows, but one day i was on netflix just looking around after a good luck charlie episode and i looked at 30 rocks cover, and i was like this show looks pretty cool i should check it out. i watched it and i was almost instantaneously drawn in by the wry, fresh humor it had possessed. i remember the night i first started watching 30 rock on my phone i slept at 5am that night watching almost the entire 1st season.

then every night i would watch a couple 30 rock episodes before bed and i quickly realized that this wasn’t just a normal sitcom like himym or tbbt. the characters seemed so real and i could feel for them  and connect with them. then after 2 short weeks i finished all 6 season(netflix).l 

i was just derping on the interwebs one night for some 30 rock stuff and then i found the blog of lizlemonism, now suburbanjuror, and i was engrossed in her blog. like there were like a bijillion thing 30 rock gifs and stuff all in one amazing website. i am pretty sure that i browsed through her whole blog that night. 

that is what inspired me to make  tumblr, thus changing my flerm in some good and bad ways.  this still shocks me that i have only had my tumblr for like only 3 weeks and i know some people here better than some of my friends like blergh. i wish i could keep talking but i gotta eat.

there you go a back story of why i made my tumblr(thanks to you suburbanjuror) and i little tidbit of why i like 30 rock (many other reasons)  ah nerds i forgot to write about tina fey what ever 

(liz) lemon (-party) out

Submitted by lizlemon-party

30 Rock was my first “real” tv show. While traversing the wild of middle school, a friend of mine told me about it and I immediately fell in love. I loved how real and quirky Liz Lemon was, and ultimately, she taught me that it’s ok to be yourself even when everyone else is afraid to. I’ve followed it ever since, and now as a junior in high school, I’m sad to see it end. 30 Rock has meant so much to me for a long time, and I’ll miss it a lot. Thanks for the good times! 

Submitted by tessellationss

30 ROCK IS PERFECT. I’m going to miss it so unbelievably much. I only just started watching it in the fall of 2011, but I fell head over heels in love with it. I have watched every episode on Netflix AT LEAST 7 times. And I’m not even exaggerating. It’s actually probably a little bit unhealthy. BUT I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. These characters helped me deal with my first year of college at a school that I ended up hating and having very few friends at. I am just so in love with everything about this show and all the characters and just UGH. I have made so many memories while watching this show and I have learned a lot about myself. I realized that I wanted to follow my dreams and try to become an actor because of this show! I love it so much. My new mantra is ‘Say yes to life!’ BECAUSE OF THIS SHOW. This show taught me so many things, and I will forever be grateful for that. This show has literally changed my life and I don’t know if any other show has ever or will ever be able to do that to me again. I just love it so asjfa;lejrg;laj much. AEIPGHJAEPIHJG. I just wish I could personally thank Tina Fey for being such an amazing human being/be her best friend or something. Ugh all the actors were/are amazing and I just really hope they know what an amazing thing they created along with the crew and everyone involved with this show.

It will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Submitted by annalovesmesuckers 

The Best Days of my “flerm”

Perhaps the saddest part of the end of 30 Rock is the realization that I might never obsess over a show like this again.

From the first season, I was intrigued by the absurdity and hilarity of the characters and plot. But the guest stars, witty one-liners, innovative jargon, and live shows made 30 Rock unique. The final season, especially, even tugged at the heart-strings of fans. All of these aspects, spanning seven seasons, developed my appreciation for television.

So, thank you! “These were the best days of my flerm.” I am looking forward to the future projects of the cast and crew!

Submitted by tefilicky 

It’s over.

It’s still not real to me.

But it could not have been more perfect. It was so true to the nature of the show. It felt RIGHT. Only this show could have my crying tears of despair and LAUGHING at the same time. It’s incredible. When Jenna was singing at the end I was actually cracking up, yet in tears. and not laughter tears, either. real tears. I’ve never even cried at the Titanic. 30 Rock has a real hold on me, and it always will. 

If anyone who works with the show actually looks at these things, know that you’ve impacted our lives so incredibly over the past 7 years. There is no amount of thanks I can give to you that accurately conveys my gratitude. 

I don’t think I can end this without mentioning the closure at the end - I want to thank the writers for that. I felt it was so considerate. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was honestly expecting at least a few loose ends and frustrating ambiguity, because that’s all I’ve ever seen from most of the tv finales i’ve seen in my day. But, then again, 30 Rock has never failed to surprise me in the most rewarding ways.

Thank you.

Submitted by talkdirtytotheanimals

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